red thai curry sauce

red thai curry sauce [ ]

In keeping with my love for curries and curry sauces, I immediately wanted to try this when I saw it. The only problem is that it was loaded with peanuts, which I think I’m allergic to (yes, I actually don’t know if I am or not – its bad, I need to get it tested!). In any case, I try to avoid them, so I decided to adapt the recipe to be peanut-free using cashews and tahini.

thai coconut curry sauce [ ]

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apple, fig & brie toasts with tarragon

apple fig brie toasts [ ]

These toasts are an example of me and George and attempting to be fancy. As is clearly evident in almost all of the weeknight dinner recipes I save, I tend to gravitate toward simple dishes, like some kind of grain topped with something warm and spicy. I would so much rather have Asian spices or savory broths than a one-note dinner of mac and cheese (although I am constantly putting a spoonful of mac and cheese in my box when I go to the hot bar at Whole Foods… too good to resist).

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banana oat cups with chocolate chips

chocolate banana oat cups [ ]

When baking at home, I am continually interested in recipes that promise to be delicious, healthy versions of traditional baked goods (I had pretty great results with healthy-ing up blueberry muffins recently). Healthy baking recipes don’t always pan out as well as those did, though.

I was initially worried that these banana oat cups would turn out to be bland hockey pucks – no one likes the taste of a raw oat, and the recipe did call for a ton of them. They came out of the oven soft, tender and just the right amount of sweet, though – so I’m surprised to say we are 2 for 2 on the healthied-up baking front.

chocolate banana oat cups [ ]

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black bean sweet potato chili

black bean and sweet potato chili [ ]

I think one of the reasons I’m interested in food now is that I was kind of not interested in it for the first ~15 years of my life. I ate all the time and in mass quantities, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I had a pretty limited scope of what I liked. Sandwiches. Spaghetti. Burritos. Burgers. And how I loved instant ramen.

And… I don’t think I had a sweet potato until I was probably in my teens – not even at Thanksgiving. I don’t know, maybe I can blame it on growing up in Arizona, where “traditional” is often a little different. Christmas with my family has always been celebrated in a park, barbecuing in the 70 degree weather. I had had authentic homemade tamales by age 7, but never a sweet potato?

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stir fried singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce

stir fried singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce [ ]

I don’t think I can ever get enough stir fry. It is so easy, economical, and consistently one of my favorite meals. From start to finish these noodles took less than 30 minutes which helps preserve sanity on a late night after a long work day (or after hours of apartment hunting, like I did today).

stir fried singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce [ ]

I didn’t find mung bean sprouts in my grocery, so I subbed in celery for that added crunch. I used my old favorite soba noodles because, I repeat, I love them and my boyfriend and I just tend to use them in every noodle dish we make.

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vanilla & chocolate ganache cupcakes


I hadn’t made real homemade cupcakes in about 3 years. I used to live in an apartment with 3 other people where it was a lot easier to make sure I wouldn’t just eat them all myself, but now they loom in my kitchen begging to be eaten. But it had been too long since I’d made them and I wanted to make a nice and simple vanilla cupcake with a dark chocolate ganache topping.


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miso sweet potato & broccoli bowl


When I read a description of a dish like this I often expect it to be boring. For some reason sweet potato and broccoli didn’t sound all that exciting to me when I saw this recipe. I do *love* sweet potatoes – and I think they are great for you (they are the main staple carbohydrate in Okinawa, where the inhabitants have the longest life expectancy of the world. I don’t really care too much about that, but sweet potatoes are awesome).

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cowboy caviar


The first time I had cowboy caviar was about 4 years ago and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t had anything like it before. It is so fresh and flavorful yet dead simple. You can throw it together with whatever beans you have in the cupboard, some chopped up tomatoes, frozen or fresh corn, onion, avocado, and cilantro (unless you are one of the legion cilantro haters in the world – just leave it out. It’ll still be great.).


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