quinoa & black bean salad with lime vinaigrette

quinoa black bean salad [ inthiskitchen.com ]

I have been crazy busy with grad school the past few months, and currently am enjoying my last few days before the next (and final!) semester begins. I cannot wait to get back to regular cooking and posting – I think about it and miss it on a near daily basis. Recipes like today’s wonderful one from Gather and Dine are so simple and perfect for when you’re 1) really busy, as we all tend to be, and 2) in the dead of a cold, bitter winter and want something light and refreshing but still so flavorful and delicious. It’s a simple quinoa and black bean salad that even quinoa haters can enjoy. I’m certainly not a huge quinoa fan, but in salads like this with a great tangy vinegar-and-lime punch, I can really get into it. This salad is also vegetarian and vegan, so it’s a great dish to bring to a get-together and make everyone happy. Almost all of the ingredients can be used either fresh or frozen/canned, so the salad can be made in winter while you dream of summer.

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