spiced roasted carrots with tahini yogurt

spiced roasted carrots with tahini yogurt [ inthiskitchen.com ]

Roasting vegetables is hard to mess up – as long as the veggies aren’t still raw in the center or aren’t cooked til they’re burnt, they probably taste fantastic roasted. And I definitely think carrots lend themselves particularly well to a good oven scorch, even though otherwise they can be synonymous with boring. Boiled or steamed carrots are a bit of a one-note in terms of flavor, becoming sweet and waterlogged pillows of mush.

That’s why when paired here with cumin and coriander, and a tahini sauce thats creamy, but with a bite, they’re fantastic. It’s obvious that the recipe would be good, as it’s from the veritable Food God himself, Yotam Ottolenghi. It is the first of his recipes I’ve tried, shock horror – and it’s a good one to start with because it’s simple and has easy-to-find ingredients.

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